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Here is what our customers have to say!

I shoot barebow compound and I use the 3under tab for nearly a year, I was the first archer in France to use it and now several archers use it as well after seeing my tab. This is a great product in all weather conditions. The leather doesn’t get wet when raining so the shooting keeps going smoothly. I love the marks on the metal that are easy to read as they are alternated. I wouldn’t change for another one !! I am European Bowhunter Champion (IFAA) this year with this tab.

~ Gaël À Rayures

The main thing about the Pro-Tab, is that it fits my hand well. It’s not gliding around in the hand. Because of its weight it’s also easy to flip around when I’m scoring and pulling arrows. I had problems with all etched markings in the beginning and it took me a while but now I’m used to them and really like the variety of marks for string-walking. 

~ Lina Björklund

Thank you for great product and always friendly customer service! We always recommend your company to anyone we see looking for better equipment! ~Desiree Massey

I am a Danish archer, member of the Danish National Team and can honestly say that I have never tried a better tab in the 43 years I have been shooting. ~Mikael Bo Hansen

We really  like the Yost tab, it's very fast to shoot in ,when I took my extra tab (Yost) before the European championship it only took me 5-10 shots before it felt like my ordinary Yost tab. We also like it because it's very gentle to our  fingers. The angle of the plate follows the angle of the string  perfectly. 

~ Ulrika Backman & Henning Bagge

What I really like with your tabs are that you can take a new one and it is exactly the same as the others. And it’s a very good quality on the leather! 

~ Erik Jonsson

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