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From: Vienna/Austria/Europe

How long you have been shooting?

Looking back I started in my childhood shooting a simple children’s Bow and blunt arrows in our garden at an age of about seven. I was excited and a simple bamboo bow followed at an age of ten. My big dream of learning to shoot got reality thirty years ago in 1990. I became twenty and the beginning of my studies got me the possibility to learn archery at the sport section of the University of Vienna. Since this time I was shooting once a week in one of their archery courses. Therefore I bought my first bow. A Bear Compound Archery equipment set. About one year later I bought a new one. A 50lb“Martin - Firecat” Compound Bow made me happy about 10 years of shooting. I shot this one until 2000 and changed it to a “Hoyt - UltraTec” Compound Bow with 50lb. In 2001 I participated in an bow building Seminar. The results was a Selfbow made of robinia. A year later another one followed, an ossage Selfbow (photo). The longbow and the Selfbow were on my side for the next few years. I changed the discipline again in 2004 because I started my work as an instructor for archery at the sport section of the University of Vienna. Therefor I was shooting the disciplines bare bow and recurve. Getting a historical Horsebow made of natural materials changed my favorite archery discipline in 2014. Until now (2020) I collected 21 bows of different kind and I choose my favorite bow of the day periodically, just following my heart.

What is your current set up?

This is not easy to answer. It changes a lot. I have got 21 different kind of bows and I change a lot in disciplines. On one hand my favorite Compound Bow is my “APA - King Cobra” with 50lb. Using the Garmin “Xero A1i” sight and “Victory XTorsion” arrows. On the other hand I love to shoot the set up for the Archery-Golf World champion ship in 2021. Therefore I use an 21” wooden riser from “Nanino” with small “Win&Win - Inno Power” limbs of 42lb. I draw them at 27” up to 50lb. This amazing combination of full power on 11/32 wooden Flu-Flu arrows with blunts shoot them up to 90m! Therefore I use a brass Yost finger tab or a professional shooting glove . This depends on the distance to shoot and the needed grip (mediterranean or three finger under).

What are your biggest shooting accomplishments?

There were different “biggest” personal goals in my career. Some results were bigger than I expected. For example a double Clout shot in a single pass with my ossage wood selfbow with wooden arrows on 164m makes me happy every time I think of winning that 10th clout championship in Austria (Sept. 2018).

Others were pointing my way. The 10th Place in the First World University Archery Championship (20-23.March 1996, Vaulx en Velin – France) was one of it.

My 30 years of experience in archery and many education seminars brought me to become one of the World Archery (WA) coach trainers. This allows me to educate coach candidates for level 1 and 2 all over the world in the international WA education program. My plan is to get one of the World Archery master coach trainers in this year. Then I will be able to educate coach trainers and my biggest dream will get true in international archery education.

Favorite product you are using right
now? There are so many I love and I choose always only the best to get. My favorite Yost product is the Yost Brass 3-Under Pro-Tab-Small Right Hand. It is one of the best professional Barebow tabs I ever got. For the Recurve Discipline I use Brady Ellison’s “Axcel - Contour Pro” Tab. For my Compound bow I use the Garmin “Xero A1i” sight to enjoy 3D-shooting without any miss J.

What hobbies other than archery do you have? My whole life is around archery. My job at the sport section of the University of Vienna, my function as head of my archery club (Bogensportakademie) since 2009, and education projects with Archery Austria give me less time for other things. Since two years I am working on an Education script for WA coach trainer level 2 seminars with the topic of traditional archery. More and more it gets a whole book and not only a script of a course module. But next to archery I love to dive. Many years I cannot find time for practice as an Advanced Open Water Instructor. But in my vacations I choose places to see the pure nature and I love to go into the sea. The fish and corals were amazing for my holyday hobby, the underwater photography.

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Dewayne Martin

From: Christiansburg, Va

Who is your favorite Archer and why?

Erik Johnson...seen his struggle on the course and always cool calm and collective and a great role model.

What got you started in Archery?

Wanting to have a longer hunting season.

Do you have any superstitions when shooting? I always carry 7 arrows

What is your favorite event to go to and why?  

World Archery 3D Championships. I get to compete against the top BB archers in the world.

What is your current set-up and poundage you shoot? CD WF 29 with MK Zest limbs at 41#, Victory 500 spine 3DHV 110 grains upfront, Yost Tabs, Better plunger, and AAE Free flyte elite.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any Archer? Develop a method...gotta have something to fall back on no matter the pressure.



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