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From: Boyertown, PA

How long you have been shooting?

42 years.


What is your current setup?

Barebow- CDWF27

Longbow- Java Man

Compound- Matthews

Arrows- (Custom) Paul Jalon

Strings- TTT


What are your biggest shooting accomplishments?

Took 1st in 2021 PA States Traditional Recurve. Took 3rd in 2021 Nationals Longbow. Lots of local tournaments. Getting picked for Archer of the Month!

Favorite product you are using right
now? Yost Tabs.

What hobbies other than archery do you have?  I like music, and play in a couple local bands, hunting, working out, Jeeps, and more archery!

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From: Texas

Who is your favorite Archer and why?

I don't have a favorite archer, I enjoy shooting with everyone I meet. I would like to shoot with Fawn Girard sometime, maybe at the next Lancaster Classic.

What got you started in Archery?

My son started at our local parks and rec dept in 2013. He started with a Genesis bow, then progressed into an Olympic recurve setup, then his brother joined and used the Genesis bow; then my husband, Shawn, started in barebow.  We liked to volunteer with our local club. I finally stopped holding all the gear and water bottles and picked up a bow in 2015. I also worked part-time at a local range for 5 years and learned so much. Now, I'm the only one in our family that competes. My husband, Shawn, is a national judge for USArchery.

Do you have any superstitions when shooting? No superstitions, just focus on my shot process; and work on my mental game. 

What is your favorite event to go to and why?  My favorite event is the Aggie Invitational at Texas A&M in College Station. I get to see my friends, JOAD kids, and their parents. My son, Samuel, just started his 2nd year at A&M, he better come visit me in November when I shoot. 


What is your current set-up and poundage you shoot? Gillo GT 25" riser, Uukha 34# medium limbs, Beiter Plunger, Spigarelli ZT rest, Victory VAP V1 arrows (800), Jager armguard, and Yost 3-Under Pro Tab.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any Archer? If you're frustrated with your shooting, get a coach and take some lessons.

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Sabrina Vaughn Harrigan



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