Amy Rayner-Cooley

From: Henderson, NV

How long you have been shooting?

I started shooting in 2015.

What is your current set up?

I shoot a WFX25 CD Archery riser, 42# Hoyt Velos limbs, Zniper rest, Beiter plunger, Jaeger grip, Carbon Express Nano SST arrows, XS Wings, Beiter pin nocks and of course my Yost Brass Tab.

What are your biggest shooting accomplishments?

- 3rd place USA Archery Indoor Nationals 2018

- 16th place, flight 1, Barebow Recurve - 2019 Las Vegas Shoot

- 2019 Barebow Women's USAT

- National Record: Combined round and 25m (Combined Round) - 2019

Favorite product you are using right
now? Yost Brass Tab, I will never need to try another tab - this one is perfect!


What hobbies other than archery do you have? Travel, Playing games, Reading.

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Fawn Girard

From: Ohio

Who is your favorite Archer and why?

I do not have a favorite single archer I love all archers that are genuinely friendly, having fun and willing to help others. I have so many people that I lookup to and love to shoot with that I could not possibly name just one.

What got you started in Archery?

My husband Ken and I were dating and wanting something to do together outdoors. Ken knew someone who shot Long bow and though it might be fun to learn.

Do you have any superstitions when shooting? Have a bow, arrows and my Yost tab and I am good to go.

What is your favorite event to go to and why?  Tennessee Classic the first weekend in May. It is a traditional shoot where I can shoot all day long with anyone how wants to shoot. We camp and have so much fun. There are hundreds of traditional shooters that are there for camaraderie and share the love of shooting archery. Twin Oaks is run by an amazing group. There is bow making, flint napping (Talc loves making arrowheads) shooting games, competition and fun shooting. It is a must if you love 3D archery or just flinging arrows with great people.

What is your current set-up and poundage you shoot? I shoot a Spigarelli Bare Bow 25 in riser, Trad Tech RC 45# long wood limbs, Ken Girard BCY string, Victory 3DHV 600 spine arrows, Spig arrow rest, Beiter plunger and Yost tabs.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any Archer? Shoot for yourself, do what is comfortable not what others are doing, but above all HAVE FUN and Help Others.



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York, PA, USA

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