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Maggie Brensinger

From: Saint Clair, PA, USA

How long you have been shooting?

Approximately 1 1/2 years, plus my school's NASP team for three seasons. I go to Gillingham Charter School in Pottsville, PA.


What is your current set up?

WNS Motive FX 25" riser, Uukha EX1 EVO2 34 lb medium limbs, Spigarelli ZT rest, Beiter plunger, my Yost 16 oz MOJO weight, Victory VAP 900 spine arrows fletched with 50mm XS Wings, and my Yost Pro Tab. And the weight is highly adjustable so whether you tend to list left or right, a minor adjustment is all that's needed.

What are your biggest shooting accomplishments?

My first national experience was at the 2019 S3DA Target Nationals and 3D Nationals where I placed 1st and 3rd respectively. It was my first national tournament and great fun with my team from Grass Hollow Archery. I shot my first 500 indoor scores at the 2020 Lancaster Archery Classic. That was pretty awesome. In February of this year I shot the 51st JOAD Indoor Nationals where I placed first, and The 51st Indoor Nationals  where I placed second in the cadet division. Over the summer we drove to Kentucky for S3DA 3D Nationals, where I shot a ten up the first day and finished in first after two days of shooting. While we were there I also shot my qualifying score for Indoor with S3DA, and placed third there.
Shooting the 136th USA Archery Target Nationals and US Open was a blast. I shot the US Open in the pouring rain all day and ended up with a 5th place National finish and a 4th place US Open finish. I'm super excited for the 2021 Lancaster Archery Classic next year. It's my favorite!! I'm currently a World Archery Record holder in 50 m Barebow cadet, for outdoor, with a 544/720. Most recently, I shot the Lancaster Fall Harvest 25m tournament and broke the National and World records with a score of 500. That was pretty exciting!

Favorite product you are using right
now? Well, I absolutely LOVE my Yost Jersey. I wear it as often as I can. My Yost Pro Tab has seen a lot of arrows and I wouldn't shoot any other brand. 

What hobbies other than archery do you have? 

Reading (Current read is Do It Scared by Ruth Soukup, but typically I read classic literature like Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller); spending time with my friends and family; listening to lots of music. Food is a hobby!!!! I love to bake and eat! I've been experimenting with makeup lately, and I like to draw and paint.

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Leo Pettersson 

From: Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

Who is your favorite Archer and why?

I look up to many of the top shooters in barebow and I always try to study and learn the best they have to offer. Here in Sweden, we have a tradition of great barebow archers and my idol and role model is Erik Jonsson. Erik is a five-time world champion but most of all a generous and kind-hearted man. When I struggled with Target Panic a year ago, Erik was one of the first people to help me get through it with his own experiences and his contact. Today I have no problem controlling or even winning over my Target Panic.

What got you started in Archery?

Before I started archery I played football (soccer) and table tennis but neither of the two sports was my thing. Four years ago I tried archery for the first time by chance on a trip with my family and somehow it felt natural to shoot arrows. I got a toy bow and then we contacted a club. Today archery is my life and I dream big.

Do you have any superstitions when shooting? No, I have not. But now that I have been hunting World Records, I have said that I will not cut my hair until I have all the records both indoor and outdoor for Barebow Cadet and Junior Men. Today (October 24th) I could book an appointment with the hairdresser…

What is your favorite event to go to and why?  

My dream is to represent Sweden in the World Archery Field Championship in Yankton 2022. Of course, one goal is also the Lancaster Archery Classic - I hope to find a sponsor so I can afford to go after the pandemic.

Another dream is that some schools in the US will offer scholarships so I can both study and shoot in the US for a few years. Today I study economics at the Swedish Archery Highschool.

What is your current set-up and poundage you shoot? Gillo GT 25 ILF with a Rcore custom made grip, WNS FC-100 68” 34#, Beiter plunger, Bidrop 2020 arrow rest, string from Podium Bowstrings, Easton ACE 670 with 100 grain upfront, Beiter nocks, Eli Vanes S3, and a Yost tab.

What is one piece of advice you would give to any Archer? I could share a classic quote from one of Sweden's greatest athletes of all time, Ingemar Stenmark: "I know nothing about luck, only that the more I train, the more lucky I am".



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York, PA, USA

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